Surveys are so 20th century.


Get comprehensive data-driven supply chain transparency using just your purchasing data

Give your suppliers a break.
How our tech works

Risk analysis isn’t enough. We created FRDM to drive viral impact throughout your supply chain from tier one suppliers up to end tier suppliers.

A transparent and healthy supply chain is vital for your business. FRDM is the only data-driven supply chain transparency software that doesn’t rely on burdensome supplier surveys, giving you fast time to value and a significant impact on your ESG goals.

FRDM onboarding: streamlined data ingestion with minimal data points

Using purchase data that includes just a few core fields pulled from your ERP, FRDM can map your supply chain.
Of course, the better the spend data, the better the analysis.

FRDM’s proprietary databases and risk algorithm

We built the world’s first product genome library that is based on international trade databases to create a predictive bill of materials for every purchase. Essentially, FRDM breaks down your purchases’ DNA to determine the component and material inputs.
Using thousands of credible risk signals and reports, along with our proprietary risk algorithms, we constantly provide you with the salience and proximity of risk to your business.

Our risk algorithm and assessment methodology was developed and vetted by industry experts including but not limited to academics from MIT and Stanford Universities as well as the US Department of State.

Access to FRDM
and ongoing progress

Dashboard for intuitive identification of suppliers based on risk level and data confidence
Supplier engagement and risk mitigation within the FRDM platform to address risks
Media alerts powered by machine learning crawlers for ongoing risk alerts
Progress updates, reporting, and impact tracking driving step phase change
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