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Supply Chain Data Transformation

FRDM identifies and connects your upstream suppliers and offers predictive bills of materials (BOM) for all of your purchases.

ESG Risk Management

Zero in on specific risk verticals, by adding different environmental, social, and governance risk signals to your dashboard. Filter by country, industry, business unit, spend amount, and customized grouping for category managers.

Supplier Questionnaires

Need more data or seeing unexpected supplier risks? Dig deeper with mitigation tools like our free digital supplier assessments. All digital assessments are scored, and loaded into your dashboard. Each can be customized according to your needs.

Legislative Compliance

Laws are constantly evolving. FRDM helps you comply with a wide range of legislation such as:

  • Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act

  • California Supply Chain Transparency Act

  • Modern Slavery Act (UK and Australia)

  • United States FAR 22.17

  • French Corporate Duty Of Vigilance Law

  • Dutch Child Labor Due Diligence Law

Ongoing Media and Risk Monitoring

Be the first to know about potential risks. FRDM leverages machine learning to monitor thousands of vetted media sources, reports, court records, and research against each of your vendors. Receive alerts in your inbox and your FRDM dashboard based on your industry, supplier, and countries of operation, as well as core information around Withhold Release Orders (WROs) and other key updates. Alerts can be shared or resolved as needed in unique workflows.

Wide Range of Reporting

With data-driven reporting, you can export the exact insights you need for any report. From high-level progress reports for your board to granular supplier details for regulatory and trade compliance, you’ll have the information and insights you need at your fingertips.

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