Trust is built with time and data

Strengthen your company's value by protecting your values with a healthy and sustainable supply chain.


Proactive technology keeps you ahead of your competitors

Investors, governments, employees, & consumers expect companies to run ethical and sustainable supply chains, which is impossible without mapping and monitoring upstream suppliers.

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Share your impact without getting stuck in the weeds

Protecting human rights and the planet sounds easy, but often gets bogged down in confusing jargon and terminology. FRDM makes it easy to highlight your efforts and impact, turning your healthy and transparent supply chain into clean, clear messaging.


Transparent supply chains don’t just look good

Supply chain fitness isn’t just for do-gooder companies. Results matter to investors, stakeholders, regulators, and boards. FRDM offers a way to visualize progress to anyone.

Fortune 100 companies working with FRDM
Get data-driven reporting

Scan intuitive, high-level dashboards for insight into impact across multiple KPIs.

Meet and exceed regulatory requirements

Go beyond compliance box-checking and exceed expectations.

Easy-to-consume talking points

Share simple and digestible stats and metrics with your team, leadership, and the public.

Identify values aligned suppliers

Quickly see partners who align with your vision or those who do not.

Get all this & more.

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Stop struggling with compliance concerns and get back to running your thriving business.