See the signal
IN the noise

Draw effortless, powerful insights with a transparent supply chain. Get ahead of last-minute questions or requests thanks to fast and flexible reporting.


You can’t fix 
what you can’t find

Compliance expectations and risks in your supply chain are constantly evolving. Don’t fall behind relying solely on ratings and audits. Future proof your businesses with big data insights and AI-powered transparency.

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Map and improve your supply chain DNA

With comprehensive supply chain mapping and risk modeling, FRDM uses your spend data to track and trace suppliers up to end tiers. Ditch the burdensome, one-way surveys and reduce the stress of a shipment disruption.

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Lead with answers,
not questions

Buying better improves stress and boosts happiness for compliance and leadership teams. Long questionnaires are a nightmare, especially if you have to pay to answer questions. FRDM is designed to incentivize, not penalize, your suppliers.

Get data-driven reporting

Use intuitive, AI-powered dashboards turning insight into impact across multiple KPIs.

Meet and exceed regulatory requirements

Stay ahead of regulatory burdens with accessible data-backed reports.

Identify future prospects or threats

Quickly see suppliers that align with or threaten your company values. 

Stay ahead with ongoing monitoring and alerts

Keep up with adverse media mentions about suppliers and subsuppliers in real time.

Get all this & more.

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Build transparency 
and trust in your supply chain