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When managing the human rights risks in your supply chain, it’s imperative that you are aware of the public discourse around your trading relationships, their industries and the regions they do business.  That’s why FRDM tracks Human Rights Media Alerts based on the countries, industries, products and suppliers uploaded into our system.

FRDM provides you with the ability to share and resolve these alerts so that you have a paper trail around your awareness and proactive mitigation of potential risk surfaced in the media.  This is an important aspect of some regulatory requirements in various jurisdictions across the world.

Alerts can be located in the dashboard by selecting the icon highlighted here, or by going to the alerts section of the supplier detail page.

FRDM scours the internet for media alerts that may be relevant to your supply chain and can even send you e-mail alerts when it finds a match.  We suggest setting a cadence for monitoring, responding to, and tracking these alerts.  This way you can always stay on top of your supply chain exposure in the media.  If applicable, ensure that you’re including this policy on your Annual Modern Slavery Statement!

When resolving alerts, you have three options:

  • Not applicable - This alert doesn’t apply to the supplier in question or it is not pertinent to our supply chain.  Selecting this will mark the alert as resolved and also help us refine our algorithm for accuracy.
  • Contacted Supplier - We have made the supplier aware of the alert.
  • Mute - No action necessary.

In all cases, you can add notes when you resolve the alert in order to provide additional context.

Alerts adversely affect the risk score of suppliers affected by that particular alert.  Conversely, resolving alerts improves risk ratings as it shows that you and your suppliers are actively monitoring and taking meaningful steps to protect yourselves from the potential consequences of these alerts.  Your actions will be tracked both in aggregate:

And individually:

You’ve now got a standardized way to identify, discuss, and resolve Media Alerts for human rights risks in your supply chain.  

You can use our standard visuals or, as with everything else in FRDM, your FRDM support team can help you build custom data extracts so you can display your data exactly how you want it.  For instance, if you wanted a summary of all resolved alerts over a set time period, that’s something FRDM support can help you create!

Media Alerts are a great tool to help you keep on top of your supply chain risk.  Never be surprised by a headline again by monitoring your public exposure with FRDM!